Voice Over Talents

Check personal websites of popular voice over artists available online.

  • Peter Drew – experienced voice over actor who worked with leading recording agencies.
  • Amy Delaney – memorable voice over Amy Delaney will make any audio message matter.
  • Erin Clark – professional voice over actress specializing in audiobooks, narration, commercials, e-learning and more! 
  • Celia Lynn – voice over actress ready to provide you with a genuine recording for any purpose.
  • Todd Schick – professional male and female voice over recording and consulting services. Todd is one of the most experienced voice over actors in the industry.
  • Melanie Haynes – passionate female voice over actress ready to help you with any voice over narration task!
  • Nicola Barber – British voice over actress with amazing soft voice.
  • Mairead Curran – voice over actress with over 20 years of experience in voice recording industry. She knows how to make your audio stand out.
  • Lisa Erhard – professional female voice over talent and piano artist.
  • Brian Forrester – experienced voice over actor who offers exclusive voice over recording services.
  • Character Voice Over Talent – Dom Adante voice over artist and guitarist/musician offering professional character voice overs and trailer voice over.

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