We were in such a bad time and is really needing a voice over service for the project that we had to complete in a couple of days. We got in touch with these guys from VoiceOverService.org and in no time at all they were able to do it for us. The price was reasonably low and was done so efficiently.

Cliff, USA

I couldn’t be more thankful with the voice over service that we got from VoiceOverService.org. They were right on the money and it was done in a very unique way. The support was so professional and was even so good at what he does.

Tanya, USA

These guys at VoiceOverService.org nailed it for us. The way that they were able to complete our project regarding the voice over service was very nicely done. Overall, the service was so amazing from beginning to the end.

Annie, USA

The service could have been so great if not for the late delivery of it. Their payment method was good, the chat support agent was accommodating, but its just that the support who handled the project for us delivered it late.


They were almost perfect when it comes to providing voice over service. They have the support professionals to do the job right, but it’s just that they have to improve on other aspects of the service that they provide, that is the main reason why I can’t consider them to be the best.

Kyle, USA

The website VoiceOverService.org has a very great and outstanding voice over service. They can commit to deadlines and was so efficient in what they do. They totally outclass their competition. Really, really superb service for something that was done online.

Manny, USA

We were in desperate need for a voice over service that time. My boss and I looked over the web for companies who offer such service and the website VoiceOverService.org came to our rescue. Just moments from making the payment, they were right on the job and was able to complete it in just a couple of days. Great, great service.

Minnie, USA

Thank you to these guys at VoiceOverService.org for a very good voice over service. They simply got the job right for us and all the specifications that we have told them was clearly reflected on the end product.

Oscar, USA

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