Professional Voice Over Artists at Your Service

A lot of people reckon think that they can do a funny voice! That is not enough – you have to bring the script off the page for an audience who can’t see you! That is the work of our professional voice over artists. The trick behind their success, they sound as though they do what they are voicing out! They learn how to pronounce depending on what the client needs. And it comes out perfectly!  The secret of success in a competitive market is a strong show reel to demonstrate your range. Our professional voice over artist do exactly that. Practice! Practice! Practice.

Voice over artist

We have extremely talented voice over artists who deliver effectively.  Voice acting is more difficult than other types of acting because you don’t have other actors to work of, and you can’t use facial expressions, hand gestures or props to aid in your delivery. Our voiceover artists are the best. They have mastered the art of acting using their voices. How do they do that? By practising, which helps them to build flexibility, recognize pitch and tone, and give them materials. For our professionals whose jobs requires them to read from a teleprompter, we encourage them to keep reading books, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials, aloud, during practise. And this is working! We are producing pros in this field. We are conquering where other voice over actors are failing or finding it a mountain.

Famous voice over artists

Our professionals imitate famous actors and fictional characters. Learning to imitate these sounds makes them come out really good. Examples of characters/actors imitated successfully are: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Cosby, Tony the Tiger, Roger Rabbit and Christopher Walken.  To improve and make them retain the lead, they try to record their own voices and replay them back. Through that, they are able to make notes and improve on their weak points.

Famous voice over artists

Our professional voice over actors are now on the same level with the famous voice over artists. We can compare them to people like Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Don Messick, Paul Frees, June Forey, and Peter Russell.