You Will Be Impressed That These Actors Voiced Famous Cartoons Characters

You would not believe it but famous actors also voiced famous cartoons characters. If you want to get idea on who these actors are, you should keep reading and find out the answer today.

Actors Voiced Famous Cartoons Characters

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Actors That Voiced Famous Cartoons Characters

If you like watching cartoons and you are curious who the person behind its voice was, you will be shocked to know that famous actors are the ones who voiced it. Lots of world’s well-known celebrities decided to face the challenge of voice acting and here are only some of them:

  1. Angelina Jolie: Voiced Lola in Shark Tale, Master Tigress in the Kung Fu Panda and Grendel’s Mother in the Beowulf
  2. Tim Curry: Voiced As Nigel Thornberry
  3. Jessica Walter: Voiced as Fran the Dinosaur
  4. Alexander Gould: Voiced as Nemo
  5. George Clooney: Voiced as doctor from the South Park Movie
  6. Michael Cera: Voiced as Brother Bear
  7. Bruce Willis: Voiced as Spike from Rugrats Movie
  8. Robert Downey Jr.: Voiced as Patrick Pewterschmidt in Family Guy
  9. Carlos Alazraqui: Voiced as Rocko
  10. Busta Ryhmes: Voiced as the Reptar in Rugrats Movie
  11. Frank Zappa: Voiced as pope in Ren and Stimpy
  12. Uncle Phil: Voiced as Shredder
  13. Jay Leno: Voiced as the Crimson Chin
  14. Alec Baldwin: Voiced as bad guy Dennis in Sponge Bob Movie
  15. Michael J. Fox: Voiced as Stuart Little
  16. Vin Diesel: Voiced as Iron Giant
  17. Whoopi Goldberg: Voiced as Fantasy the Book
  18. Mel Gibson: Voice as John Smith in Pocahontas movie
  19. Val Kilmer: Voiced as Moses in Prince of Egypt movie
  20. Burt Reynolds: Voiced as Charlie Barkin in All Dogs Go to Heaven movie
  21. Dustin Hoffman: Voiced as Benedict Arnold in Liberty’s Kids
  22. Adam West: Voiced as R. Kelly Lawyer
  23. Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert: Voiced as the Ambigously Gay Duo
  24. Ringo Starr: Voiced as Duck Brothers
  25. J.K. Simmons: Voiced as the Yellow M&M
  26. Flea: Voiced as Donnie
  27. Jeff Goldblum: Voiced as Villain Verminous Skumm

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