Why Important to Choose Best Company for Voice Over

Is it easy becoming a voice actor?

Voice over agencies are always on the hunt for new talent to enhance the range of different voices that they can provide to their clients. The demand for professional voiceover artists for everything from corporate videos through to video games is growing every day as more and more companies realize the power of using the many different media outlets available to them. Finding a professional voice that will enhance their message however is far from easy and many will struggle to be able to find the type of voice that they need. This is why if you are thinking of becoming a voice actor you need to ensure that you have the skills that the industry is looking for from you.

What do you need to be able to do as a professional voice actor?

A professional voice actor will often be the most important person when creating a voice over for any application. Getting the right voice is the most important part of the process, especially the ability to voice over copy samples; the voice actor has to be able to:

  • Breathe life into the script; the actor has to be able to be able to deliver the script in a manner that brings the script to life rather than just reading it out. The actor has to be able to interpret and deliver the script in an appropriate manner with regards to tone, pitch and even the volume.
  • Generate interest from the listener; your voice has to be able to engage the listener and get them interested fully in the message that the script is trying to convey.
  • Boost the whole voice over process; having a good voice actor in the project will improve the morale of the whole team involved as it just so much easier to work with someone that really knows what they are doing.

Tips for making a good recording if you are becoming a voice actor

The following are some simple tips for ensuring that you create a quality sounding voice over;

  • Carefully consider the tone and delivery that the script is calling for.
  • Use a good quality microphone and use a recording device that does not compress the audio this losing some of the quality.
  • Position yourself carefully to the microphone to minimize external noises and avoid breathing and other sounds.
  • Record in an area away from external sounds so as to avoid any background noises.

becoming a voice actor

We can help with your audio recordings

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