Voicemail Voice Over Script

Sending Voice Mails

Sending an email to a friend or a coworker? Well, you should know that email can get confusing in its own right. More often than not, people can get confused over which email goes where and end up having misplacing and sometimes even outright forgetting essential emails. Emails that could otherwise be very important to a company or event. And even then, some people are likely to forget or overlook some of the details on their emails as people running on a hectic schedule tend to not have a full presence of mind in these matters. Luckily though, you do have some options with this kind of problem. Enter the voice mail.

Using Voice Mail Voice Overs

Voice mails are different from emails in that it’s all just your voice sending the message. This allows you to say everything you need to say the way you want to. That way, everybody knows whether you’re being serious or not. That way people will be able to tell the difference between an April Fool’s Joke and if you’re really blowing your top of them. Wouldn’t it be better to make use of a voice mail voice over when telling your loved ones about how you really feel instead of a somewhat impersonal email.

Item Description
Gender Female
Length 0:15
Target Demographic Teens, young adults, adults
Character / Narrator Promo voice
Vocal Direction Friendly
Suggested Music Simple happy music
Sound Effects People talking


Voicemail Voice Over Script

Reach out to friends, family and associates with voicemail. Let them feel you there speaking to them even if you’re far, far away from them. Let them hear your voice and let them feel how much you miss them and how much you want to be with them. Let them feel the intensity of your emotions, your sadness and your joy.

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