Voice Over Talent Needed? Hire Your Actor Here!

Do you want to record a radio ad for your business, a voice greeting for your mobile phone service, a voice for your animation? Please talk to us. You can use our website and leave a message or call us on our toll free number to make your request. We have voice over actors for various scripts. Before we take your job we will need you to do the following:

Voice over script

The script is necessary to enable the artist to go through it and know how long it will take. That is what will determine the cost of the voice. So please upload your script on our website and include the word count, from there, we will immediately give you our quotation which is pocket friendly. Register on our website at a small fee to see samples.

Voice over style and talent

You can choose a voice over style and talent from our voice over gallery. Tell us which is your preferred voice; male or female. When placing your order, be sure to include it in your description. Apart from the voice preference, tell us about your tone preference and we will set the ball rolling for you. Let us know if you want something professional, friendly, light-hearted or upbeat. We have all that in our gallery. Pay up and get to listen to our samples. We got it in different formats; MP3, WAV, Aiff, flac, name it, we’ve got it. It is good to tell us the target listeners, whether there are adults or teenagers because their taste vary.

Voice over for what?

Once we know what the intended usage of the voice over is, we will be in a position to direct you to the right gallery. Instead of you wasting time going through the 1000 of voice over, we will appreciate if you dropped us a call or comment on what you actually need in your voice over whether it is character, pod cast, radio commercial, phone answering system or some other use.

Now that you are ready to post your voice over, at least you will have a clue on how much to expect in terms of cost, depending on the description of your need.