Top 10 Voice Over Tips

Top 10 Voice Over TipsAs a budding voice over artist, voice over tips could help you make the most of your career and earn money from it. Today’s post is all about the things to apply in your work to be able to show excellence in your craft.

Voice Over Tips for You

  1. Get the right copy meaning you have to have a great script that is easy to read and is clean from errors. There should be phonetic spellings for chemical and technical terms as well as with subjects of complicated names.
  2. Take care of your voice through medication, but do it gently. Ask your doctor about good supplements to take care of your voice.
  3. If you have just started, you should learn proper ways on how to do a voice over so that you could deliver correctly and that you won’t encounter unnecessary stress during the recording session. You may want to attend seminars and trainings before you could audition or get jobs. In addition, you should learn proper techniques from the pros, too.
  4. One of the most important voiceover tips to know is to be hydrated before the recording meaning you should drink plenty of water before it so that your voice would come out clean and relaxed. Avoid drinking strong coffee and soda.
  5. Invest in a good book stand to work on voiceovers conveniently and without you having to worry about the noise of the paper you’re reading and turning.
  6. Look for a quiet spot where to record the voiceover to avoid unnecessary noise from the TV, for instance. Test out several rooms in your house and see which of them is suitable to come up with a clean and background-noise-free recording.
  7. Get a quality microphone—something very important. Compare and buy only from reputable sources locally or online.
  8. You should have a windscreen protecting your recording from breath blasts.
  9. Buy a good set of speakers and headphones so that you could listen to your voice as you read and speak. This way, you can monitor your output closely and avoid disasters later on for having bad recording.
  10. Practice and practice—one of the best ways on how to do a voice over, meaning you may want to read your script aloud several times before formal recording.

Nevertheless, you should have the tools of the trade meaning your recording studio, if you’re recording from home, should be equipped with necessary tools, including a microphone, preamp, good lighting and recording tools, among others. Prepare everything prior to recording so that you could avoid wasting time getting them ready during the session. Learn more about voiceover tips today!

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