Tips on How to Do Commercial Voice Over

Commercial Voice Over

One of the most common and useful ways to take advantage of voice over work is with a commercial. In commercials you simply have to communicate directly with the audience, and this can be done through some sort of cheesy talk-to-the-audience gag on screen, or can be spoken with a voice over so that you can accompany your information with the proper visuals. Completing Spanish voice over or any other one can be a challenge, and it requires not just creativity but ingenuity and resources, but if you’re able to utilize these then you can really come up with something great. Let our professional service guide you towards success with your commercial voice over!

Tips on How to Do a Commercial Voice Over

The first thing you need to do is identify the things that the audience absolutely NEEDS to know. There’s no room for extras here, you need to isolate the most important things and choose male or female voice over artists for your video. Then portray these things in a way that fits in with the tone of your product or service, and that matches the visuals that you’re including as well. Make sure that the script doesn’t just repeat things on the screen, but that reinforces them, or invigorates them. Then you need to either find a voice actor, or complete the acting yourself, finding the right method of delivery and tone that goes along with the other factors you’ve included. Finally, high quality audio is important, which means having the right equipment and the right environment to record in. With all of this kept in mind and a creative streak in you, you can come up with great commercial voice overs!

Our professional service is always here if you need any help!

You can look up all the instructions and lists you want, but developing a commercial voice over will always be a challenge. If you aren’t up to gathering the resources, or don’t have the time or talent on hands to complete it, just remember that our professional service is here to provide you with voice over demo or anything that you need. We’ve got technical experts, voice actors, and the resources and equipment to help you with any part of the process.

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