The Process of Creating Voice Over for Audio Books

So, you want to get into voice over for audio books?  That’s fantastic!  Of course, you need to ensure that certain steps are followed to ensure that the voice over comes out sounding just right.  Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, we have some great tips to make your project a success.

A Voice Over For Audio Books Requires The Right Sound

In order to make your audio book voice over a success you need to pick the right sound.  What this means is that you need to consider who will be doing the voice over narration.  You might want to consider the period setting for the book and choose a narrator based on that.  Or, perhaps you would like a different voice over artist for each character.  These are questions you need to ask yourself before you begin your recording sessions!

Quality Over Quantity

When you create your audio book voice over, you want to focus more on quality than quantity.  This means you should not necessarily set yourself a certain number of pages to record each day, but rather focus on delivering as many quality pages as possible.  It might take you many retakes to get it just right and that’s okay!  Remember, you want your actors to deliver powerful lines that engage the listeners.  It won’t do you any good if the big bad dragon sounds like a squeaking mouse, would it?  When you keep these tips in mind, your audio book voice will come alive.

Professional Assistance Can Make All The Difference

If you find yourself struggling with your project, be sure to seek additional guidance from professionals.  Professionals, such as the experts we employ, are able to provide you the best advice to create a truly memorable experience.  We can even provide you top quality voice over artists.  Be sure to keep us in mind if you find your project is hitting a slump or needs just a little bit more to make it truly shine!