Technique of Voice Over Dubbing

Do You Need a Video Dubbing?

If you have an existing video or other media that needs a new soundtrack then you will need to use a technique called dubbing to add to or replace the existing soundtrack. This is usually most commonly done for videos and even video games to provide a new soundtrack in a different language to the original. Like any other soundtrack you will need to select the right voice over actors for your voice over dubbing as well as ensuring that your script is right.

Selecting the Right Voiceover Dubbing Actors

You could spend too long trying to find someone with the right voice and the skills needed to produce a professional voice over if you try to source and interview them individually. Far better that you use a service such as ours where you can listen to a variety of different voices in many different languages with different accents to provide the voice for your project. Through us you can be sure that the voice you select will belong to an experienced voice actor who will be able to follow the script and synchronize what they say with the existing video, something that an unskilled person will have difficulty in achieving. Voice over dubbing is not an easy task so you should always be sure to hire the best so as to avoid delays and other problems with your production.

We Provide Translation Services for Your Dubbing

Translating the current soundtrack is not as simple as swapping each word for its equivalent in the new language. I am sure you have watched films where they have used cheap services to provide subtitles and they make little if any sense especially when they are translating slang expressions. Different languages use different expressions so translation is not about changing words but in preserving meaning. The translator has to be able to understand each phrase and then repeat it in the new language while preserving that exact same meaning. Our skilled translators are experts in ensuring that your voice over dubbing will go perfectly.

Everything that You Need for Your Voice Over

Your voice over dubbing will go perfectly when using our comprehensive services. We aim for total satisfaction in everything that we do from the translating and actor selection through to the actual recording of the voice over and dubbing. Our technical staff will ensure that your soundtrack is recorded at the highest possible levels of quality and that your voice over dubbing is delivered on time and at a very affordable price.