Recording Voice Over Powerpoint

Do you need help with your voice over PowerPoint?

People do not always manage to utilize all of the power of PowerPoint and do not realize that they can provide a PowerPoint voice over to go with their slide show and just set it running. This is great if you have a stand at an event and you want to have a presentation continuously playing without having to stand their repeating it yourself. However you do need to ensure that your PowerPoint with voice over is done in a professional manner or you will find that the audience spends more time pointing out the flaws in the sound rather than listening to your message. This is why you need to ensure that your voice over PowerPoint is done professionally using a service such as ours.

We provide the best voice over actors for your PPT presentation

Not everyone is blessed with having the right voice for a voice over and few can manage to get the right timing and delivery to enhance a presentation. We make the job of selecting the voice or voices you need for your presentation by providing you with sound clips by professional and proven voice over actors. Just listen to the clips and select the voices that you need for your voice over PowerPoint. We provide you with voice actors that are:

  • Of all ages and genders
  • Many different languages; all spoken as a native
  • Different accents and regional dialects
  • Many different sounds and methods of delivery

We fully support your voice over PowerPoint

We can provide you with all of the services that you will need to produce a high quality professional sounding voice over PowerPoint for your presentation. We employ the very best highly qualified and very experienced staff that are here to provide you with everything that you could need for your voice over. We can provide you with:

  • Script writing that enhances the content of your presentation rather than repeating it
  • Full translation services for additional languages
  • Highest quality digital audio recording in your chosen format
  • Editing your presentation to include your voice over

We provide your voice over PowerPoint with a full guarantee

Our professional staff will work with you throughout every step of your voice over for PowerPoint to ensure that everything is produced to your exacting requirements. If something does not fully meet your expectations we will work with you to fix the issues to your full satisfaction or we will refund your money. We provide our clients with highly flexible schedules for producing their voice overs and we always deliver on time. For a highly professional yet affordable voice over PowerPoint produced to your exacting requirements just contact our experts here today