Professional Voice Over Rates Per Minute

What is most important to you; voice over rates per minute or the quality of your voiceover?

Let’s be realistic here, not everyone has the ability to say “money is no problem” when undertaking any project. However there has to be a realization that if you spend cheaply then you may end up with a cheap end result. This is why when you go looking at voice over rates per minute you also need to carefully look at the quality of service that is also being offered. Far to0 often businesses will just make their decision based on the voice over pricing and use the very cheapest that they can find rather than a voice over service that will actually provide them with the quality that they need.

Our voice over rates per minute are highly competitive

We are not the cheapest service out there online but we are far from being the most expensive. We ensure that our rates are highly competitive and affordable. We do this not by skimping on the quality of our staff but by ensuring that we provide the very best staff so that quality problems and delays are avoided ensuring that our costs are minimized. This ensures that our customers are always satisfied and that they will keep on returning for all of their voice over needs.

We provide you the best staff

Providing the very best staff keeps our costs lower than our competitors. Our staff know exactly what they are doing and can do their work quickly and efficiently without errors unlike many other services that hire unproven and inexperienced freelancers. Our staff are chosen specifically for their high levels of experience and their qualifications. For instance our writing and translation staff are chosen for;

  • Higher degree qualifications relevant to the tasks that they work within
  • Long experience in writing and translating voice over scripts
  • A full understanding of scripting requirements for voice overs
  • Native level skill in the languages that they write in

We will guarantee your voice overs

We guarantee your full satisfaction with the best voice over provider and services that we provide from voice selection to script writing and recording. Our highly professional services are carefully designed and managed to ensure that you always get the best while benefiting from highly competitive and affordable voice over rates per minute. Our services are carefully tailored around your specific needs and nothing is taken for granted. So if you want a highly professional voice over for your production check out our voice over rates per minute onsite here today and make your order through our easy to use services.