Professional Tips for Doing Voiceovers

Do you need any tips for voice over production?

Your voice over can make or break the media that you are producing so you have to ensure that you do it just right. While your voice may be perfect for the voice over with regards to your sound there are a host of technical issues that you will often need to overcome so that your voice over does not contain annoying sounds and distractions that will ruin the intended effect of your voice over. So if you are not going to be using a professional voice actor in a professional studio then our following tips will help you.

Some simple tips for voice over creation

The following are some very simple voice over tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that your script is delivered perfectly and that the sound produced is going to be right for your project:

  • Read and practice your script in advance; the more practice you do the better your delivery will be and you can also rewrite any difficult phrases in advance rather than struggling with the script.
  • Choose a good quality microphone; while many devices have built in microphones they are not always the very best; investing in a good quality microphone will make a huge difference to the sound produced.
  • Get a pop shield; this device sits behind the microphone and can help reduce and eliminate popping noises and other sounds that you will hear on the recording when using words that begin with letters such as P or B.
  • Ensure that you are recording in an area that is both quiet and does not produce unusual acoustics on your recording.
  • Test your recording; try a few short test sentences to ensure that everything is set correctly prior to beginning the actual recording.
  • Use a stand for the script and try to avoid turning pages; having the script laid out on a stand where it is easy to read can ensure that you don’t record rustling papers and pages turning.
  • Don’t try to record everything in one take; break the script down into manageable chunks that can then be edited together.

tips for voice over

We can help with recording voiceover projects

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  • Selection of the right voice actors from our wide range of demos
  • High quality digital recording of your voiceover
  • Subtitling and dubbing for your audio

So if you have followed our tips for voice over but still need help with creating a quality voice over just contact our professional service for help that is covered by our money back guarantee.