Presentation Voice Over Script

Power Point Presentation Voice Overs

One of the most valuable tools in the marketplace is the power point presentation. In a nutshell, it allows you to present information to others in the form of different slides, giving them a step-by-step show of what you have in mind. Many employees make use of power point to present their ideas to their superiors and show them what sort of plans you have in mind and how best to implement them. While this can have a lot of interesting outcomes, it’s also noted that there are actually a lot of people who find power point presentations as extremely boring and some even go as far as to fall asleep during a meeting involving power point.

The Power of Voice Overs                                 

However, there is an apparent solution to this kind of problem in the form of voice overs. With a professional voice over to accompany your power point presentation, not only are people able to get your points faster but they are also able to show the finer and more essential of your presentation to your superiors. So instead of going to the bland and boring normal presentations, you can always make use of voice overs to further enhance your presentations and make the best of things.

Item Description
Gender Male or Female
Length 0:15
Target Demographic Male and female audience, common employees
Character / Narrator Serious voice
Vocal Direction Formal tone
Suggested Music Soothing and friendly
Sound Effects Walking people, moving chairs and tables


Presentation Voice Over Script

Work can be hard for the garden-variety employee and sometimes it can be a challenge just to make do with what you have. Most employees today make use of simple but effective power point presentations so they can shine out in their respective fields. Make use of your own power point presentation and make the best of it. Use interesting themes to better present yourself and your ideas!

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