Our Voice Over Translation Tips

Voice Over Translation

When you’re presenting something to an audience but there is content that’s in a language the audience doesn’t understand, then it’s crucial to complete a custom voice over or any other one with the proper translation. This is simply common sense, but people often don’t do a high quality translation, and allow their audience to be misled or misinformed when it comes to the true content of the original. Needless to say, if you want to do a good voice over translation you have to make sure that you speak both languages, but there are other considerations that you need to make that people often overlook or ignore, and this can greatly hamper the quality or potential of their translation.

Professional Voice Over Translation Tips

The first and most important thing is that you have a clear and certified understanding of the intention or content of the original speaker or text. Make sure that you have this through a translator that you can trust, and even if you speak the languages yourself you should get a second opinion to ensure accuracy. The next most important thing is that you take the technical aspect of it seriously enough. You need to make sure that the translation is recorded with good equipment, in an efficient soundstage, even if it’s homemade you can find ways to improve the quality of the sound. Also make sure that once it’s inserted into the video or presentation that it is hearable over other voices, or noticeable over the text. With all this to keep in mind it can be a challenge to complete a good translation voice over, but our service is here to help!

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