Voice Over Translation Services

When Might You Need a Voice Over Translation Service?

We all use a huge amount of media today in much that we do, from introduction videos on our websites to corporate training videos and radio advertising the amount of media we use is huge. When we want to do business however with another country we will often need to modify all of this media to be in the language of the country in which are going to work. A voice over translation can make our media relevant to the new country and help us win business or communicate with new employees or business partners. Translations however are not as simple as swapping each word for its equivalent in the next language.

We Offer a Perfect Voice Over Translation Service

Translation is not about being able to swap words as you would with a dictionary, to translate you have to be able to convey the original meaning in the new language. This means that your translator has to fully understand the original work including all slang type expressions and be able to convert them into the new language without losing any of the original message. This can also mean ensuring that you don’t make any cultural or other mistakes with your translation when you move into other countries.

We hire highly experienced and well educated translators that understand the business that we are working in. They work within areas that they are both qualified and experienced within to ensure that your translations are done perfectly every time.

We Can Offer the Right Voices to Go with Your Voiceover Translation

While we can offer you a script written in your new language our real skills lay in providing you with the expert voice over artist that you will need for your production. We have a full range of voice over artists that work in all major languages and who have a vast amount of experience in providing voice overs for different media. Our artists cover a full range of different accents, ages, tones and every other variation you can think of that you may be looking for from your voice over. From our pool of artists you will be sure to find the right one for your voice over translation.

We Will Provide Your Full Voice Over Translation Service

With a fully translated script and an artist primed to deliver it in your target language you cannot go wrong with our technical production staff. Your digital audio file will provide your translated voice over perfectly in the right format to the highest of standards. So if you are looking for a full voice over translation service that will tick every box and fully satisfy your needs just contact us.