PowerPoint Voice Over Service

Service benefits

PowerPoint promises a saving of fifty percent in the development of your voiceover presentation. In their online instruction they use their own voice system to guide users through the tutorial and simultaneously they demonstrate the program. New updates are provided constantly and you get the best of worlds, PowerPoint’s visual world and PowerPoint voiceover presentation seamlessly synchronized in one powerful program.

Ease of use

Many satisfied users testify that presentations that took a month or more to develop, now is completed in a couple of days and looks even better than before but in a fraction of the time. PowerPoint voiceover uses the very TTS voices that are extremely accurate, clear and reliable; as such they are perfect for e-learning. All of our customers have given very good feedback and studies have shown that memory retention is the same whether you use human voices or TTs voices. PowerPoint voice narration is a powerful program that is vital for any corporation in its quest for excellence.

Easy slide presentations

Creating a narrated slide presentation is very easy when one uses the voice-over feature in PowerPoint for Windows and in Keynote for Mac. Human touches can be added to your online presentation and the slides can be enhanced with more information which may include definitions, examples and facts. File formats include, PPT a PowerPoint file which stores the embedded narration following the upload to a related site. Added narration can enlarge a PPT file significantly and should file size exceed fifty megabytes another format may be preferable. Another format used is Video which includes m4v, SWF, MOV and WMV. If you prefer you can turn your voiceover presentation into a video file, software is provided for this purpose; as such PowerPoint 2010 is able to save your presentation into video format, like the WMV file format. These suggestions should be sufficient, but in the case of a very large file, further conversions are recommended and for this purpose please find a good third party converter. Whatever your presentation software needs, voice over for PowerPoint has the solution.

Extensive benefits for corporations

The corporate companies are the most ardent users of PowerPoint voice over, since they have many conferences, seminars, meetings and training programs that uses this technology. This program is very effectively used in a large hall when lecturing a crowd or in a conference setting. Whoever is responsible for the creation of the PowerPoint voice over presentation should be very skilled to make the best of the extensive features of the program and content should be checked to avoid all possible errors.