Male Voice Over Service

Brief history

This art form has come a long way since it was first used as part of a weather report in 1900. In 1928 it was used to great effect in a Mickey Mouse cartoon “Steamboat Willie” and in many productions since then. Today it is a full blown art form in its own right, with thousands of both male, female and children’s artists making their mark in this exciting industry. A male voice over artist is very often someone who has a measure of acting talent and that talent is a big bonus in this art form.

More than a voice

Obvious a voiceover suggests that a good voice is necessary, but many aspiring voiceovers mistakenly assume that is all you need, when in fact this is still a form of acting, involving a specific set of skills. An excellent voiceover must bond with his audience, he must instill trust in them, and he must be able to move them, lead them subtly to make a choice and to follow through on that decision and be happy that they have done so. Yes essentially a voice over is a marketer, promoting a service or idea or convincing people of a moral principal which may be vital to the peaceful and coherent functioning of the community or nation. A male voice over artist knows and understands the subtle yet dynamic principles that drive this powerful art form.

Real talent

A true voiceover specialist is always credible, a very fluent communicator and an all rounder. Variation is often necessary, when you have to inject yourself into five or ten roles in a single morning. Sometimes a diverse mixture of takes have to be done, like a boardroom scene followed by a beach scene and that by a wedding scene, and this effective and quick switching between scenes requires an actor with serious talent and personality, not just a nasal, drawling and sensual voice. Being a successful male voice over requires at least a fundamental grasp of the acting profession and its related skills.

Still interested?

There is a market out there for male voice over talent that is an indisputable fact. What you need to do is to research this subject, learn everything about it that you possibly can, if at all possible do at least some basic acting and voice skills training. Any of these things may be to your benefit when you go for that first audition.