Female Voice Over Service

Its history

The first voiceover was done in 1900. Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian inventor, did it. He was inspired by Bell’s telephone. While in the employment of the United States Weather Bureau, Fessenden made the first recorded voiceover while reporting the weather. To make it in show business all it may take is to record a great female voice over audio track and quite possibly never look back.

Voiceover services

Some of the best-paid actors in Hollywood are voice over talents, but now almost anyone can get in on the act thanks to technology. Now with the arrival of technology, the industry continues to develop and move forward online. In relatively short time of ten years the voiceover industry has switched from acknowledged recording studios in mega cities to relatively tiny yet professional home studios in almost unknown towns. This remarkable shift has enabled many people who often have little more than a marketable voice to reach a measure of stardom without leaving their homes. Many ladies have recorded amazing female voice over demos that have thrilled television and radio audiences.

Voice over on the web

The practice of selling voiceovers over the Internet is still in its baby shoes, no more than ten years old. There is a loosely adopted compensation rate for voiceovers, but no formally fixed or standardized rate, which is probably better anyway, since outstanding talent certainly deserve an outstanding compensation or vice versa. Online voiceover websites are a growing force in the market and are taking over from the fixed address agencies, since they offer an excellent service at a fraction of the cost. Online sites record and duplicate voiceovers in minutes, things that used to take days in the past. Female voice over talent is found on thousands of websites at competitive prices and with some of the best voices in the industry.

What’s at stake?

There are lots of uninformed people out there, who heard rumors about this industry with understanding its heartbeat. It is not just about a nice or unique voice. And because people are ignorant about the vital role that voiceover plays in the industry they jump into this medium totally unprepared. It is one thing to have a nice voice but there is in fact a fair amount of acting involved here, the mood of the backdrop for that specific voiceover, it must fit, it must be convincing and the audience should embrace it, for it to be meaningful. Scores of actors auditioned for literally hundreds of voiceovers before getting that first breakthrough. A great female voice over artist is often the one who was rejected a hundred times, but persisted until someone noticed her.