Radio Voice Over Artists

Who Does Radio Voice Over?

Radio voiceover may seem like a rarefied field but it actually isn’t. People from all walks off life find jobs in voice over radio and you could be one of them. The difference between radio voice over and other kinds of voice over, like acting, is that you’re less inhabiting a character and more trying to be the most entertaining version of yourself. This may chaff for some, but not for all. If you think you have what it takes to turn on your “super-personality” for an entire day then perhaps radio voice over is the job for you.

What Makes Good Radio Voice Over?

Good radio voice over is sonorous and lovely to listen to but not overly beautiful. It is not like a singing voice. A radio voice over has a deep baritone for a band or a sweet lilt for a woman. Or perhaps it has none of these things. The truth is, personality is the most important for a radio voice over. If your personality can shine through then that’s all you need. A voice over for radio is really about remaining entertaining for four hours. This is a difficult feat. The audience will forgive you if your radio voiceovers are a bit difficult on the ears but you make them laugh or charm them throughout the day.

I Want to Do Voice Over for Radio!

Still excited about doing radio voice over? That’s great! Our services aim to provide the very best training available anywhere for the budding voice over radio artist. Simply contact our agency and we’ll set you up with courses and materials. What do you have to lose? Take the chance and become a radio voiceover artist today!