Male Voice Over Artists

Becoming a Male Voice Over

If you want to become a male voice over artist then get in line, it’s back there about a block. For whatever reason, many men consider themselves excellent male voice over talent despite having no reason to actually believe that. Men like to believe they have sexy or sultry voices and their words drip like honey from their lips and into the ears of unsuspecting women rendered helpless by this exercise in seduction. In reality, most sound like morons. It’s a strange conundrum but one which you should be aware of if you’re considering going into male voice over. If friends, family or coworkers have regularly told you that you have a nice voice – for years upon years – then yes, consider male voice over work.

The Mighty British Male Voice Over

Despite what your friends may tell you, though, if you’re American you still won’t hold a candle to a British male voice over. British accents are sexy – at least the posh one is – and to American ears can sell style and luxury like no other. A British male voice over often has a deeper tone that rings of seduction and an aloofness, a tenor that American men can rarely match. British male voice over artists are often seen in commercials for car companies and other high end goods. Sorry, Yanks, but you may not cut it unless you truly have what it takes.

Are Male Voice Overs Less Common?

One common theme in the male voice over community is the lack of work for male voice over talent. It seems that female voice over talent get all the breaks. That is because as far as commercials go, people tend to prefer being sold to by women than men. That only applies to commercials and their ilk, not to being sold to in person. Male voice overs are relegated to things like army recruitment. No one knows why this is.