Foreign Language Voice Over Artists

Why Foreign Language Voice Over?

When trying to sell a television show, video game, movie or some other kind of media overseas, it becomes necessary to employ a foreign language voice over artist to do the job. These voice over artists can work quite frequently and for good pay if they have a wide enough appeal. Foreign language voice over may also be used for dubbing into different languages. For instance, if an American film goes to Spain, it may be dubbed by a Spanish foreign language voice over artists.

Spanish Voice Over Benefits

If you speak Spanish there are some great benefits to becoming a foreign language voice over artist. Spanish voice over is common when it comes to television shows in the region, specifically South America. Subtitles are not very common, so a Spanish voice over artist will find steady work if he or she has a cast of vocal characters they can draw upon to fill roles.

German Voice Over Benefits

Like Spanish speakers, Germans surprisingly do not like to read subtitles. Despite Germany’s reputation as a hub of European intelligentsia, Germans prefer to utilize their own German voice over artists to dub in roles for shows like “The Simpsons” or other English speaking media. If you speak German and think you have a good voice, you may very well have a shot getting a job as a German voice over artist.

Russian Voice Over Benefits

As with their brethren the Germans and the Spanish, Russians prefer not to have anything to do with subtitles. They want that good sweet dubbing sound. A Russian voice over artist has the increased benefit of serving a far large audience than a German voice over artist. A Russian voice over artist can also work in many different kinds of media, maximizing their potential earnings.