Australian Voice Over Artists

Why Australian Voice Over?

Why in the heavens would you want to work as an Australian voice over artist? You’d be surprised. Australian voice over artists can make some pretty amazing amounts of money doing commercials for beer and restaurants. Australian voice over talent lacks the sophistication of the British but is still sufficiently foreign to North American ears to invite investigation. While what is touted as “Australian” in the United States is almost always something that really isn’t (like Foster’s, Australian for beer), there is nevertheless a financial killing to be made by exploiting Australian voice over artists and emotions they stir in the North American heart.

Australian Voice Over Talent: Natural or Created?

The question then becomes: should a company hire native Australian voice over talent or simply hire a North American to pretend to sound like an Australian voice over artist? This may seem like an odd kind of outsourcing but it makes practical sense. If you have skills with British voice over you may be able to jump to Australian voice over. It’s all a matter of how hard you are willing to work to get the job you want. Simply add a degree of inquisitive pondering to your British accent. There, you are done.

Australian Voice Over Too Rare?

The big question is whether or not the existence or need of an Australian voice over artist is already too rare to merit serious consideration. Why bother becoming a fake Australian voice over talent if no one hires them? Granted, they are heard relatively rarely on North American television, but if one can secure a sweet deal with Outback Steakhouse or Foster’s, one very well may be set for life. Working as an Australian voice over may be a challenge but with every challenge comes great rewards.