Our Voice Over Services

Services for Voice Overs

Our agency offers a number of general services for those who perform voice overs. Our representation ensures that negotiations will be fair and legal. Voice overs are guaranteed to be paid well by the corporations who commissioned them. And one huge element of our services is ensuring fair and equal treatment between female voice over artist and male voice over artist. There is no dividing line in voice overs, as far as we are concerned. Both genders deserve mutual respect and have a lot to offer the world of voice overs. We brook no sexism. Do not even try.

Services for Female Voice Over

As a female voice over artist may be hired more often for things like car commercials or possibly perfume and makeup, we work with them on lightening their sound and finding their niche. They may do voice overs for the same type of product or the same type of role in a cartoon or television show. This is all part of building your “voice overs brand” and nothing to be worried about. If you are typecast as the vixen, just roll with it. You’re making money. Try not to worry! Voice overs are a job you can keep doing for decades, and eventually your voice will change. You’ll do other things someday.

Services for Male Voice Over

As a female voice over artists may be given more masculine roles (obviously), we work with him on deepening and strengthening his voice. Our hope is that he will be able to play roles like superheroes and other types of heroes. Or perhaps he will play villains. Voice overs can shift from the light side to the dark side, it depends on your range. Regardless, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their voice overs are of the highest quality and they are being paid very well. It’s just what we do.