Our Voice Over Actors

You don’t have to live in New York or Hollywood to become a voice over actor. Join us online and we nurture you to be a great voice over actor. You may need to start your career as a freelancer voice over artist, come record with us and record for clients who are not even near you. They typically fax or upload there work on our website and will direct you through a “phone patch” into the studio. Then when you are done, we will email the recording via attachment. That is how you become a voice over actor with us (at a small fee of course).

Voice over actors

Be sure to prepare yourself for this new business you are entering into. Once you get us online, you have entered into voice over acting business. You will need to create a voice over demo tape that properly showcases your talent so that we can upload it in our gallery for prospective clients to like it and get you to do their productions. Give it your best shot! Depending on how great you sound, you will be contacted for various productions and not only commercials. You will find yourself doing corporate narrations, documentaries, news, straight and character voices for cartoons. The list is endless.

Commercial voice over actors

Celebrities have slyly voiced commercials for years. In our gallery we have voice overs for some of these celebrities you can use. Actor John Corbett is just one among the many who has recorded with us.  Most of the car commercials we do are done by celebrities. The voice of Pontiac is a voice over by Matt Dillon who acted in the Drugstore cowboy as Bob; Mercedes Benz’s voice over by Richard Thomas whose most memorable role was in The Walton  as John Boy Walton; The voice of Hyundai is by Jeff Bridges whose main memorable role was The Dude, in The Big Lebowski. The voice over in the Volvo advert is by Donald Sutherland whose memorable moment was The Captain in “Hawkeye” Piece M*A*S*H. In our voice over, we have actors who have imitated this big shots and it is working for us. So at a lower fee than what they charge, you can get a similar if not, exact voice over from us. Visit our website.