Our English Voice Over Production

Help with your English voice over

Voice overs are a necessary part of a lot of media nowadays, from your website introduction video to training videos. Media is easy to produce, but for a business you need to look and sound far more professional than you would if you tried to do everything yourself. This is why it is vital that you use a professional voice over company to get a  Portuguese voice overmovie voice over or any other one and to support your needs rather than trying to publish your own work.

We provide the very best English voice over actors

Trying to find the right voice for your English voiceover can be a highly time consuming process especially if you are going through applicants one by one to try to find the one with the right sounds and skills to deliver your voice over. Through our professional service we can provide you with access to many different actors and you can listen to recordings of their voices so as to be able to select the perfect voice for you. All of our actors are highly experienced and know precisely how to deliver a quality voice over. Our actors are;

  • Available in all ages from pensioners down to small children
  • Male and Female
  • Native English speakers
  • Full range of different accents available
  • Different delivery styles and tones

We fully support your entire English voice over process

Our services are not limited to selecting the right voice for your voice over from our talented actors. We also provide a full range of all of the different services that you need to ensure that your voice over is going to be a success;

  • Full English writing and editing services for your voice over scripts
  • Translation services to and from other languages
  • Quality sound recording
  • Provision of files in your chosen format
  • Subtitling, editing and dubbing services for your media

The best English voice over; guaranteed

Our staff are some of the very best in the business and you will always be working with someone that is highly experienced and also qualified in their field. We aim for your full satisfaction; after all we want you to return for all of your future projects. Should you not be fully satisfied just contact us and we will solve the issue or provide a refund. We also provide you with on time delivery on every order even if you have asked for a quick turnaround on your important project.

So if you need a quality English voice over for your project just contact us for an affordable and reliable service today!