Kids Commercial Voice Over Script

Kids Commercials

Kid’s commercials appear easy to make. Some of the basic elements that can be found in them are colorful backgrounds and objects. Then you add in a lot of equally colorful characters and creatures to go with it. Some people like to go with many basic designs but then there’s always the most common which is dinosaurs and fantastical creatures like unicorns and dragons. In kid’s commercials, you always present easy-to-understand concepts and all-around wholesome characters and ideas. Then you deliver your message along with what people tend to think of as moral ideas that are actually simplified versions of virtue like sharing, kindness, friendliness, etc.

Using Voice Overs in Kids Commercials

But you have to remember that kids are quite simple-minded. All children like being simulated by one sense or another. Just giving them a lot of cool images, short videos and big words they probably don’t understand yet probably won’t do the trick. You might need to even more to just hold their attentions onto something. And that’s why there are voice over demos so you can lend sound to your work and grab children’s attention and keep up with your commercial. With a voice over, kids won’t just be looking at pretty images, they’ll hear the guiding voice of an adult as well.

Item Description
Gender Female
Length 0:15
Target Demographic Children
Character / Narrator Friendly and simple voice
Vocal Direction Simple
Suggested Music Nursery rhyme
Sound Effects Children talking, children crying


Kids Commercial Voice Over Script

Hey kids! We hope you’re not sleeping past your bedtime! Anyway, we have here something you just might enjoy. So don’t touch that dial and tell mommy and daddy to come over and watch with you!

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