How We Record Voice Over

When it comes time to record voiceover, our 5-step process makes short work of even the most complicated of projects.

Voice Over Record Projects: How the Process Works

Voice over record projects are made easy with our systematic five-step voiceover production. The following overview offers insight into the process we use:


You provide us the project you want a record voice over for, via a computer upload. A convenient form will allow you to state your voice over production needs.



We analyze the work you need for the record voice over by hand. This ensures we have a solid understanding of the work that needs to be done. It also allows us to ask questions for clarification as needed.


Equipment Selection

The perfect match for your voice over production needs is made. Our experts have the experience to know which equipment works best for the job at hand and will choose only that which will work best for your particular project needs.



Utilizing the proper type of mixing, recording, equipment, and selecting the right person for the job, the recording engineers will work on the recording process with every attention to detail and style.



Our record voice over staff will ensure your project is completed and returned to you in a timely fashion. We know your deadlines are important to you and make certain our work allows you to meet them with ease.


Record Voice Over Double Check

Once our 5-step process is complete, the staff member(s) working on your project will consult with other expert(s) in the studio as a way to ensure the record voice over work has been constructed free of error(s).

Voice Over Production Assurance

As a part of our 5-step process, you also have our guarantee that the work you receive will meet or exceed expectation of all your record voice over needs.