How We Provide Female Voice Over

female voice overWe have been helping clients with English language female voiceover work for over 5 years. In that time we have provided writing and editorial service as well as the actual speaking work. We believe our expert staff and proven work methods make us the best available voiceover recording team you will find. We back up our quality work with safe and friendly customer support. Together this adds up to a very attractive and cost effective solution to all your requirements. Read on to see how easy it to get our help.

How to Order a Female Voice Over

Complete Online Order Form

female voiceoverGo to our website and give us brief details of your application, subject and available time. Our staff are at your convenience 24 hours a day and will revert back at once with any queries or clarifications plus a price.

Complete Payment

best female voiceoverThe price we give you for a female voice over is a fixed single quote. There will be surprises later on with anything like actress expenses or studio fees. Everything is confidential and you can pay by classic trusted means. We always give a generous discount to old clients or for batch order.

Provide Us Your Details

good female voiceoverYou will be contacted by one of our English experts. They will be matched to you depending on your requirements. Together you can agree the content and set a schedule for your work. Consider the following ways we can provide voice over services.

  • Samples: We will send you example recordings of the type you want
  • Writing: Our expert English writers compose a script perfectly suited to your application and subject
  • Editing: Send us your own script or recording, our experienced staff will correct any grammar mistakes and make it read better as required.
  • Voiceover: Our customers always appreciate how we match them with a suitable female voiceover artist. We take the subject, the location and intended audience for each script, then from our 200+ team we select the lady who is perfectly suited to the case.

Review First Draft

professional female voiceoverThe first version of your recording is delivered as per schedule and in the agreed format. We have excellent audio recording equipment so we know you will be happy with the crystal clear sound and easy to listen to style with which our expert female voiceover staff talk.

Give Feedback

good female voice overWe are not happy until you are satisfied and we know that clients often have second thoughts about how to improve the piece. For that reason we include unlimited revisions as standard. Take your time; make phrase changes, perhaps the intonation or speed needs improvement. Your company image, work reputation or customer experience will depend on this work being done properly and we take that seriously.

Enjoy Final Work

best female voice overThe final high quality recording you require is always delivered on schedule. It will be a flawless recording, a single file with no seams. The information you wanted will be included, and delivered in the words and speaking style which you want.

Using our voice over services really is safe, efficient and very affordable. Your audience, peers and customers will be impressed by all of your voice related work.

For the best English speaking female voice over artists you can find on the internet get in touch now!