How Voice Over Actors Work

Step One: Do I really want to be a voice over actor?

The first step may be the hardest, but you know what they say. A journey of a thousand voice over actor auditions begins with a single step. Anyone considering going into the career of being a professional voice over actor must first sit themselves down and carefully contemplate the life they are choosing. It is a life of great risk and great reward, possible tragedy and possible accomplishment. A voice over actor must be ready for anything. Do you think you are ready?

Step Two: Finding other voice over actors

Next, one must seek out other voice over actors to commune. Building a network of voice over actors is a great way not only to meet new people and make new friends, but also to learn some tips and tricks of the trade. A voice over voice actor is not a universe unto himself or herself. They must work together to improve. Voice over actors also share information about auditions.

Step Three: Develop a voice over actor demo reel

Now it’s time to take advantage of what you have learned from other voice over actors and make a demo reel. Record your voice doing different roles. Make sure the recording is high quality. Enlist a fellow voice over actor to help.

Step Four: Utilize voice over actor talent agencies

Hopefully, you’ve come across a voice over actor talent agency by now. Try to be represented by them. Ask them if they have anyone who will take you on board. A voice over actor needs an agent, after all!

Step Five: Become the best of voice over actors!

You have an agent, voice over actor friends, jobs – you have it all! Now you can work hard and be comfortable in what you have achieved. Don’t forget to retain voice over actors as a part of your personal life, as well. They make great friends.