How to Record a Video Game Voice Over

The video game industry is no doubt booming. Aside for games from developers from big named companies, there are also a lot of independent developers out there that makes new games almost every week. With the advent of video games incorporated in social media websites, landing a voice recording contract is easy even for freelance voice actors. If you want to know the best tips on video game voice over, check these 5 easy ones:

Tip No. 1: Read and re-read the script.

You need to know the voice over script inside and out. One of the best secrets in voice over for video game is to internalize the script. Reading the script is good but reading it again or a few more number of times is a lot better. When you know the script by heart, you no longer need to read the script while voice acting. This way, your recording will come out natural and very believable.

Tip No. 2: Imagine the dynamics of the game.

This tip has two meanings. The first one is you need to have a “relationship” with the game that you are recording your voice for. You need to have the feel of the game in mind when recording. The other one is what is the intensity if the game. Do you really need to incorporate strong feelings when recording? Or do you just need to speak in a normal conversational voice? Mastering this tip can help you produce the best video game voice over that your clients will definitely like. See what the game is all about. If it is an adventure game, imagine yourself in a world of adventure so you will not have problems internalizing the character that you are voice acting for.

Tip No. 3: Repeat the movement of your character.

All the great game voice over actors always repeat or imitate the movements of their characters. Internalizing the role is not enough. You need to act as if you are the character. This will help you a lot because by doing this, you become the character. Your voice and will then just follow through. Follow this tip and you will realize how helpful it is. If your character, for example, is an evil overlord, try to use movements that are aggressive and shows power. These movements will help you produce a voice that fits an evil personality.

Tip No. 4: Start recording.

If you already internalize the personality of your character and the feel of the game, you may now start voice over recording. Make sure that you are in a quiet location with the least background noise. Make it a point that you use a professional microphone to have a high quality video game voice recording.

Tip. No 5: Add audio effects.

There are many audio effects in the Internet that can give you professional effects on your recordings. There are even ones that are absolutely free! Make sure that you audio special effects fit your voice acting. If you think there is something lacking in your voice during your recording, add some voice enhancing effect. You can always adjust the treble and the bass of your voice to make your recording even  more interesting!