Get DJ Voice Overs from Our Artists

What Would You Need DJ Voice Overs for?

Your advert on the radio, your corporate video or even a training presentation is much more than just words narrating a simple message. To make that message stick it is important that the tone and the delivery is appropriate and memorable and a DJ voice over can be a great way to really make your message memorable. Selecting the right style and accent of speech can take your project from just another voice over to a real success.

We Have the Best DJ Voice Overs

Our professional service employs highly experienced professional actors of all ages, sexes and abilities. If you are looking for DJ voice overs for your project either we can select what we feel is the best fit or you can listen to the many samples on our site to find the right voice. Male or female, young or old, we will find the right sound for your project from our stable of professional voice over actors.

Working with Our Professional DJ Voice Overs

When you come to us for voice over work you get the full support of our entire team. We can help with perfecting the script for your project; either writing for you or editing and proofreading what you already have. We can even provide you with translation services to enable you to target additional languages for your project. We really are a one stop shop for everything you will need for your professional DJ voice overs.

In addition to the scripts and the actual DJ voice overs we will also provide you with top quality digital recordings for your project through our production team. These guys will ensure that the sound is perfect as well as the timing to go with your presentation or video.

Guaranteed Top Production Quality

We don’t just set someone down in front of the computer with a headset with an in built microphone; we ensure that you receive real quality from our team every time. We want you to see us as your first choice for all of your voiceover needs and will work hard to assure your full and complete satisfaction with our services. We provide guarantees for your project and will ensure that any issues are quickly resolved to your full satisfaction.

If you need guaranteed and high quality DJ voice overs performed by real professionals just contact our service today and sign up to get the perfect solution for your voice over project.