FAQs on Voice Acting

If you are not accustomed to ordering voice acting services online then there is no doubt that you will have many questions. This page lists some of the most frequently asked questions related to voice acting, Houston, San Francisco or any other city. Our clients will tell you that by using the services of voiceoverservice.org they have been able to save time and money in the fast and efficient way in which we handle every order.

1.       Is your service for voice acting Houston based?

We are an online site offering professional voice over services for clients all over the world. Wherever you are, we are there too. So if you live in Vancouver, we have voice acting Vancouver to meet your needs. If you live in Dallas and require voice acting, San Francisco or voice acting Orlando English accent, we can provide you with that too.

2.       How do I place an order for voice acting NYC?

When you need to have voice acting NYC with the special accent for which New Yorkers are known we can provide you with the best voice over professionals for your script. Just because you may have discovered us by chance with the term voice acting Chicago does not mean we don’t provide comprehensive services for the entire country. You simply choose the voice actor from the demos on our site and proceed with your order.

3.       What happens if I realize that I need to change the script after I receive the recording from your voice acting Houston service?

If we make any mistake in reading the script then we will provide you with revisions free of charge. However, if the mistake in the order for voice acting Houston was yours then you will have to place a new order with the revised script included. The fees we charge are very inexpensive so it won’t cost you a lot extra and we provide you with a discount coupon with your order to reduce the charges of any future orders you want to place with voiceoverservice.org.

If you have any questions about voice acting Houston or any other city, please don’t hesitate to contact us at VoiceActingf.info.