FAQs about Professional Voice Over Talent

This is our question and answer page. Shoot the question to our professionals and they will give you an answer immediately. They are experienced in their line of professionalism. Click on the question and you get the answer.

  1. Can voice skills be taught?

About 30% of the skills you need can be taught. Those are technical skills like microphone techniques, recording studio protocols, and other technical related issues surrounding the set up and operations. The other 70% skills are acquired through training but mostly through practice and experience.

  1. What is a demo?

A voice over demo is a sample of your vocal range and style and it serves a couple of purposes. First, you need a professional voice talent demo to get an agent – because that is the first thing they ask for. The agent needs a demo to supply to various clients and you need a vocal demo for continuing shameless self-promotion.

  1. How can I find quality voice over talent, audio and service on internet today?

Through agencies like ours, you will get them. Good agencies like ours do screen our roster of voice talent. Be careful, many of the “better” talents are union talents working under a pseudonym; you may well find yourself in trouble when you find that the “non-union” talent you hired (and paid out for a full buy out of usage) was in fact, a member of a union.

  1. Do I have to be an actor to do a voice over?

Surprisingly, many people in the business have never been on a stage or in front of a camera. As voice talent, your job is to use your voice and your imagination to breathe life into the client’s script. In today’s world of real people casting, you may actually be a dentist, a mechanic, a waitress, a student, a young kid or a senior citizen.

  1. Do I need a great voice?

Relax. Be yourself. There is no one voice. Agencies may be looking for a woman who can do a child’s voice or a man with a deep voice like James Earl Jones. Often they don’t know what they are looking for until they hear it. People who have a wide range of styles do well. It will come down to being consistent and creative. Agents are always looking for new voices that have a certain attitude or style that gets the listener’s attention.