FAQ on Video Voice Over Service

What is Your Video Voice Over Service?

Our video voice over service is all about helping you and your organization to reach the maximum number of potential clients possible. Whether you need funny voice over videos to entertain people or video game voice overs to take your project to the next level, our video voice over service can handle whatever you’re working on and push it up to a level beyond the norm. Voice over for video games is a difficult undertaking and we have both the know-how and the talented individuals to pull it off. Video voice over service has years of experience backing us up, and that’s why we have the ability to perform almost any feat in the voice over world.

How will Funny Voice Over Videos Help My Company?

Getting funny voice over videos is a great way that you and your organization can use video voice over services to its full extent and ability. Funny animal videos with voice overs, for example, can help your company by luring young children into your viewership, and with young children, of course, come the parents with the money to purchase your goods and services. This is just one of the ways funny voice over videos created by a professional video voice over service can transform the way you do business.

Do you do Voice Over for Video Games?

Video voice over service does do video game voice overs, yes, and our success in this area is due in large part to the flexibility of our video voice over service professionals, a talented group of actors who know exactly how to portray the voices of every kind of character. Voice over for video games is notoriously difficult to pull off effectively, and so much relies upon it that it cannot fail. Our video voice over service pays careful attention to performing video game voice overs in the best possible way.

What are the Audio Formats You are Working With?

We work with such formats as .mp3, .mp4, .wma, .wav, .flac, .mmf, .ogg, .oga, .dvf, .aiff, etc. With every new voiceover order we receive we try to improve our audio format base, so our customer support is ready to provide you with the full list of audio formats we are working with. Call us now and we will find the solution for you.

Who will Voice Over My Video?

We have gathered an exceptional team of video voiceover artists from all around the globe. They have participated in different projects of voice over industry, giving them wide experience and knowledge of seductive voicing. Find out yourself by visiting Our Samples page.

What Guarantees do You provide?

Customer support is 24/7 there for you to secure your on time delivery and good communication throughout production process. If you are not satisfied with the end product, you can request your money back, as your satisfaction is our priority. Give us a call now to make sure yourself.

Can You write a Voice Over Script For Me?

Yes we can. Educational, commercial, business videos and presentations, etc. Our expertise marketing writers will provide you with a script that suits your video best. And you work with them on the amendments to the text till you are fully satisfied.

I need a Voice Over in Chinese. Can you help?

Our services provide video voice overs and subtitles in 50+ languages! We also pick native speakers to work on the video to submit you the most appealing voice over. Call our customer support now and ask what languages are not on the list. You`ll be surprised to discover that there are no such.

Can You synchronize My Video with Audio?

Yes we can. We provide lip synchronization voice over even for cartoon characters! Our high quality recording equipment an professional artists will do their best to breathe life into your moving picture, request your quote now!

Video Voice Over Try our video voiceover today and we’re sure that tomorrow you will come back to place the next order!