Explainer Video Voice Over Script

Using a Voice Over in Explainer Video

Are you having trouble with how to teach others how to work their gadgetry. While instruction manuals actually help, you can note that a lot of people don’t pay much attention to instruction manuals to start with. In fact, you probably already know that people are more likely to excited to even pay more than one glance at an instruction manual before doodling with their latest TV, computer or cellphone. Well, instead of relying on an instruction manual, why not use a voice explainer instead so that people will take note of and remember your instructions.

Voiced Explainers and You

So why use a voice over demo in explainer video in the first place? Well, first of all you’ll notice that people can get over excited over their new products and pay little attention to the instruction manual that usually go with them. With something like a voiced explainer, you’ll be able to command the attention of your listeners and make sure that they get to hear all the important bits of what you’re telling them. And better yet, they don’t need to read from anything. All they need to do is listen to what you’re telling them and do what you tell them to do.

Item Description
Gender Female
Length 0:15
Target Demographic Male and female audience, working class
Character / Narrator Promo voice
Vocal Direction Friendly
Suggested Music Simple music
Sound Effects People talking


Explainer Video Voice Over Script

Do you have problems understanding the directions they gave you? Well then let me put things into something you’ll understand easier. Just watch and listen to this explainer video and I’m sure you’ll have a better idea of what to do!

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