Commercial Voice Over Production

Should I Do My Own Commercial Voice Over?

Unfortunately not everyone has the right voice for advertising on radio or TV. Some of us lack the voice need to convey the right feelings such as sincerity while others of us lack the timing required. It takes far more than just being able to speak to be able to create that perfect voice over. Commercial voiceovers therefore more often than not need the use of a professional voice actor who is able to give the listener exactly the right message in sync with the other components of your media production.

Where Can I Find a Good Commercial Voice Over Artist?

Finding that perfect voice over talent can be very difficult if you conduct the search yourself, after all you will have to listen to many recordings and then test to see if they can actually deliver when put in front of the microphone which is often where the problems begin. This is why it will be easier for you to come direct to us; you can select from the huge pool of voice actors that we have in the sure knowledge that everyone of the voices that you here is an experienced and proven voice over actor who knows just how to deliver.

From our service you will find a wide range of different accents, tones, and ages, we are confident that you will manage to find just the right for your adverts.

Scripts, Voices and High Quality Digital Recordings

Your commercial voice over will need far more than just a voice actor to make it a success. We can provide you with everything that you will need for a successful commercial voice over. We employ talented and qualified script writers who can work with you to create your scripts from scratch or to work on existing scripts to bring them up to standard. We also provide full translation services if you are looking to take advantage of possible sales within another country and need to have your commercials translated into the local language. All of this is in addition to our talented actors and of course production staff who will ensure that your digital recording is produced to the highest possible standard in the right format for you.

Full Satisfaction for Your Commercial Voice Over

By using our dedicated voice over services you can be fully assured of full satisfaction with your finished product. We work hard with every client to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for every time that you look to us for top quality voiceovers. Your commercial voice over will be the very best; after all we want your repeat business when you look to your next commercial.