Auto Attendant Voice Over Script

Someone to Call

Let’s face it; in the world of doing business, you’re bound to get all sorts of calls on a regular basis. There will be people who want to make inquiries about your terms of service and what you and your company are all about. There will be people who’ll want to ask for instructions regarding the products or services you’re rendering to them. Then there are those people who will call just to complain and tell you how much your product or services suck. Well, whatever the case, there’s really no denying that they will always be there to bug you. But sometimes, they can become an outright inconvenience.

Using an Auto Attendant Voice Overs

With enough calls, things will start getting very inconvenient and annoying. That’s why maybe it’s time to use an auto attendant voice over to answer all of those pesky calls for you when those pesky people start calling you. Instead of letting them bug you to no end, let the auto attendant take care of your troubles and either re-direct them and give them someone else to bug in your company or have them wait when you finally have the time to face them. So why trouble yourself with pesky callers when you can get an auto attendant?

Item Description
Gender Male or Female
Length 0:15
Target Demographic Male audience, young adults, adults and middle aged
Character / Narrator Promo voice
Vocal Direction Funny and a bit cheesy
Suggested Music Funny music with wind instruments
Sound Effects Doors closing, toilet flushing, children screaming, baby crying


Auto Attendant Script

Thank you for calling to XXX Company. Please leave your message and our representative will get in touch with you at any convenient for you time.

We have auto attendants here that you can use to answer all those pesky callers when you’re off somewhere that you need to be or are just not in the mood to talk to them. Very convenient for letting your callers know that you won’t be there to answer their calls as you may be all too busy with your kid’s school play or you’re attending important business in your bathroom.

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