Audio Voice Over Production

Media is everywhere you look today; TV adverts, company internet videos, radio ads, training videos and so much more. Most of this media requires an audio voice over to provide commentary or to deliver the intended message. But if the voice of the person delivering does not match the message or if it is out of time with the rest of the media the effect of the message is easily lost. An audio voice over needs to be done professionally if you want it to be effective.

Selecting the Right Actor for Your Voice Over Audio Production

Your voice over talent has to be exactly right to match the intended message as well as having to be highly experienced in actually delivering an audio voice over. Inexperienced people trying to do a voice over are unlikely to emphasize the right phrases or to get their delivery timing right. The end result is a voice over that lacks conviction and is distracting to the viewer or listener.

Through us you can select your talent from our many recordings, you can search by age, sex, and language to get exactly the right type of voice for your audio voice over. Once you find the right voice you can relax as you can be assured that our actors are all experienced voice over talents that will know exactly how to deliver your voiceover.

We Can Provide All the Support You Will Need

Our service neither begins nor ends with finding you the right person for your audio. We can provide you with a full comprehensive service for all of your media needs. We employ talented script writers who can produce your script from a brief or who can modify and edit existing material to make it more suitable. In addition to writing and editing we also provide full translation services as well as actors that speak many different languages. Our translators can help to ensure that your message goes over in the new language in a way that will avoid any possible cultural mistakes.

The Best Value Affordable Audio Voice Over

Through our service you can have your entire production done through one service. We will do everything from your script to arranging your actors through to ensuring that your recording is produced perfectly. Out technical experts will ensure that your recording is both top quality and in the right format for your uses. So if you need a top quality audio voice over professionally produced get in touch with our experts today.