About Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Artist Agency: A History

Voice Over Artist Agency began in 1986 in Encino, California. It was the product of two famous voice over artists coming together. They saw there was potential growth in the industry but, at the same time, were upset about some shenanigans that had been going on in show business and had negatively affected voice over artists and their livelihoods. Overflowing with umbrage but not about to make a scene, our voice over artist heroes decided to throw in their own two cents and begin an agency. Nearly thirty years later they stand at the top of the pile of famous voice over artists with a voice over artist agency that rivals the biggest in the world. Cool, isn’t it?

Fostering Professional Voice Over Artists

The goal of our sweet voice over artist heroes was to foster the next generation of successful voice over artists. Our agency understands that a professional voice over artist is a breed apart from your standard wannabe and failed actor. Professional voice over artists need a great deal of training and grooming. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and our agency endeavors to make our clients into superstar voice over actors. It’s not a far-off dream but a reality! You, too, can join the mission and let us foster you. You will morph into a beautiful voice over actor butterfly. We know you can do it.

Famous Voice Over Artists on Staff!

As you learned from our agency history, we employ a great number of famous voice over artists on our staff. They know the trade and have plied it with ease for decades. Learn from their mistakes and become the best voice over artist you can be. Our famous voice over artists will show you the path you must take. Step lightly and follow us to great success in the voice over world!