About Our Voicemail Voice Lady Services

Why Choose Our Customized Voicemail Voice Lady Services?

voicemail voice ladyIf you are starting up or running a business you will know the importance of advertising to attract customers. You will understand also that those customers need to be treated well once they make contact. You will want to grab the attention of potential clients with your messages and then hold it with a similar voicemail greeting. Clients expect clear and easily understood instructions from voice prompted sites, and when on hold they demand information or music.

Getting an experienced voice that suits your corporate image is easy if you contact us. We provide a selection of female English language voice over services which are affordable and professional. Find out more below.

How Our Voice Mail Lady Team Can Help You

female voicemail greetingWe complete your piece using our own studio facilities and send you a crystal clear seamless audio file. You can make unlimited revisions with the help of our staff until completely satisfied.

With a client base totaling 120 countries we have provided female voicemail greeting for a variety of projects such as:

  • Commercial voice over services for TV promotions, advertising campaigns and radio spots
  • Narration for audio books, commercial artistic and technical videos
  • Voice over services for E-learning programs
  • Messages on hold services to keep your customers on the line
  • Voicemail greeting, from messages for small companies, to IVR voice prompts for large corporations

Who Are Our Actresses?

voice mail ladyThis is the question we are most often asked by clients. Let us know what you need and when by, send us a draft script and our support team and voice mail lady will do the rest.

Our professional voice actresses are all educated to post graduate level and will be matched to the specific application. Having someone who understands your area of business or expertise is invaluable when they have to speak about it. Each one speaks fluent English with international and national accents. We can record a female voicemail greeting that meets all your needs.

We know what we are doing with voiceover recording and can help you get your information across cheaply and efficiently. We work quickly, our prices are fixed with no hidden extras like studio fees, and everything we do guarantees the high quality product you need.

Contact us now for the best voicemail voice lady and other English speaking services that money can buy!